Normandy Housekeeping

Normandy Camporee 2017 is now eleven days away and we have a few housekeeping items to finalize.

  • We need the  POC for your Unit and their contact number (will be texted or called in case of emergency), please email the details!
    • This will be the person picking up ALL registration information including wrist bands, lanyards, patches, and Messenger of Peace dinner tickets for your unit
      • All attendees must be wearing a wristband at the Saturday campfire and Sunday cemetery ceremony
      • All youth must wear the lanyard with contact information at all times. Download at: Normandy Lanyard
  • Expected arrival date and approximate time. Email
  • Download and fill out the following forms that will assist us in contacting units, organizing support, and preparing parking at the Normandy Camporee NLT 12 APRIL!

For questions or clarifications please check the website or e-mail

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