Now that I am in Normandy….Where do I go???

If you are your Unit Normandy Organizer..

Thank you! It is a big job and your efforts are appreciated.

Please go to the Scout Shop/Registration Center and pick up your unit packet. In your unit packet there will be:

event patches, historical trail patches if ordered, lanyards for youth (both scouting and non-scouting), wristbands for everyone (without the wristband adults in particular will not be permitted in secure zones (campfire area, dinner area, service at the cemetery). All of these are for “paid” participants (the $3 for the dinner does not constitute payment, the event registration fee of $70 or $30 is the fee plus the dinner). You will also have security information and phone numbers if you need help.

Most units set a time/place for distribution. Those in bungalows will have their registration materials in the bungalow.

You will also need if you haven’t filled out already your unit visit plan

You will need the information for your lanyards for each youth (not just scout). Link for template. This is so we can easily call you when we have a lost youth and are trying to hook them up with your unit.

Also your unit roster that includes what hotel or other facility people are staying in. This is a security requirement requested by the local police force.

If you are camping….

Please go to your assigned campground (either Camping Port’land or Omaha Beach Campground (every unit is camping in the campground that they requested). You will be shown your unit campsite and the area that it includes. There should be ample space for each unit. You will get your registration materials from your unit organizer.

If you are in a bungalow

You will have your registration materials in the bungalow. Please go directly to the bungalow where you are registered. You will be checked in and that is all you need to do.

You do need to bring bed linens (figure one full size (140 cm) bed and then remaining beds to be twin size (90 cm). You will need pillow cases (square) and towels (bath, wash etc.) You will need shampoo, soap etc.

The kitchen has burners, microwave, cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes, glassware, cutlery. If you think you need a special utensil please bring it. Usually they have coffee pots too.

Food can be brought with you (there is refrigeration and small (very) freezer. There is a Super U store about 5 minutes from Camping Port’land. It is a bit longer from Camping Omaha Beach and the best bet is to pick up your food at one of the supermarkets in Bayeux.